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Project #70: Single Mom Needs Help
Single mom of 4 young children just moved to Decatur and needs assistance with several items including beds, dressers, kitchen table & chairs, washer & dryer. Also could use assistance with a broken headlight on her car and someone to install new bra...
Project #69: A few furniture items
I'm in desperate need of a couch and 2 mattresses - my 13 year old and I have been in public housing for 5 weeks and we're still in the living room with a leaky air mattress that we're sharing. I started looking for referrals to Cross Borders and Mus...
Project #67: Roof Repair
Single senior citizen woman with no family in the area needs a section of shingles replaced on roof of house. Tear off old paper and replace with new. She will have materials purchased and ready to apply after September 14, 2019.
Project #66: air conditioner
i just movered from berne to monroeville i have 2 kids an almost 9 year old and a 2 year old i have a small window ac unit but it is so hot in my house that my 2 year old daughter is sweating real bad and its hard for me to keep her cool so i was hop...
Project #65: Window Frame Painting
Do you like to paint? I have 4 window frames, 1 picture window frame, front door frame, and back door frame that need to be scraped and re-painted white. Will supply brushes and paint, and remuneration is offered upon completion of job.

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