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Project #82: Roofing
Our roof is in bad shape we planned on doing it all ourselves but the cost is just too great. I am the only income for our family so finances are tight. The roof is leaking in a couple of places and on one side of our roof the shingles are curling an...
Project #81: Repair Shed
Rob needs help repair his shed. He need a few boards put on at the top and the bottom and then was hoping someone would be able to help him paint the shed. He is more than willing to purchase the materials for the project, but would like some volun...
Project #54: New Roof
Amanda is currently on disability and in need of new roof. We will need skilled roofers to help do this one. Amanda has the material for the roof. We are planning to start the project on Friday July 3rd in the morning. We need volunteers who are...
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