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Project #74: Porch Railing
Ramona needs a railing put on her porch to help her get in and out of her home. She recently fell and could not get back up and needs has asked for help with a railing so she can get herself back up.
Project #73: wheelchair ramp
John is getting electric wc and needs ramp into his house. He has the lumber the person that was going to do it can no longer do it. John is bed bound most of the time, can't walk.
Project #71: Home Repair
Max and Pam need some help getting their trailer ready for winter. They need some help with skirting around their trailer and some floors repaired inside.
Project #67: Roof Repair
Single senior citizen woman with no family in the area needs a section of shingles replaced on roof of house. Tear off old paper and replace with new. She will have materials purchased and ready to apply after September 14, 2019.
Project #66: air conditioner
i just movered from berne to monroeville i have 2 kids an almost 9 year old and a 2 year old i have a small window ac unit but it is so hot in my house that my 2 year old daughter is sweating real bad and its hard for me to keep her cool so i was hop...

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